2022 Impact Report:
Patient-Centered Innovation

Our Power of Collaboration


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With Your Partnership, We Continue to Drive Progress…

Science, policy, and research are essential for patients to receive the best care and treatments possible. We advocate for smarter science and regulations to cultivate progress and discover new paths for innovation to succeed. Collaboration is a core tenant of our work. We are proud to work alongside leaders in our field to advance cancer research and treatment.

Below is a snapshot of our exciting research and policy programs in 2022. We look forward to working with you in the year ahead.

Leading Groundbreaking Science

Through our Research Partnerships, we build unique collaborations to generate novel data for solving challenges in oncology treatment and care. Our ctMoniTR project is helping to fulfill the evidentiary need for use of ctDNA as an early endpoint to measure treatment response. The HRD Harmonization project is working to understand and harmonize complex biomarkers to optimize test reliability and accuracy for patients. Lastly, the RWE Pilot generates evidence to support use of real-world endpoints in drug development.

Advancing Innovative Policy

This year, several new laws were passed, and FDA guidance documents were released, that have shaped the development and regulation of oncology therapeutics. Friends’ work has direct impact on policy by providing objective and robust data through our drug development dashboard and research partnerships, proposing regulatory frameworks for diagnostic and drug development published through white papers, and creating forums for impactful discussions with key stakeholders at our public meetings.

Empowering a New Era in Advocacy


Patients, Advocates, Caregivers, & Individuals have completed the ProgressForPatients.org Advocacy Education Program


go on to participate in the drug development, clinical trial, and regulatory process

Award Receptions

This past year Friends celebrated our 25th Reception‌ as an organization after a delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We honored ACT for NIH founder Jed Manocherian. In addition, we celebrated our 26th Reception in the fall with the inauguration of the Marlene A. Malek Public Service Award. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was the inaugural recipient of the award.

A special thank you to our 2022 Sponsors.

Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) designs unique partnerships to pursue difficult, important scientific endeavors that no single organization could solve alone. In 2022, we collaborated with our partners to implement innovative approaches to research and advance key policies to accelerate new treatments for patients.

Friends 2022 Impact Report is a reflection of your continued partnership and commitment to our work for patients. Thank you to our Board of Directors, supporters, and partners, who made our critical work possible.

We are particularly grateful to our board member Dr. Bob Young who will be leaving the board after over a decade of extraordinary service to Friends.

We hope you continue to join us in supporting our work to accelerate new treatments for patients in the coming year.

Ellen V. Sigal, PhD
Chair & Founder

Marlene A. Malek, RN
Vice Chair & Co-founder

Jeff Allen, PhD
President & CEO