Drug Development Dashboards

Friends has created a series of interactive dashboards as a tool to gain data driven insights into the landscape of oncology drug development and FDA drug approvals. The data in these dashboards are compiled from online publicly available data sources and are regularly updated.

Dashboard Functionality

  • Hover your mouse over the figures on the dashboards for additional insights and details.
  • Use the filters at the top of each dashboard to change the data shown.
  • Reset the dashboards to show all approvals by clicking the “|<-“ on the bottom of the window. 


Expedited Programs and New Approvals in Oncology (2013 – Present)

Explore the landscape of new therapeutic oncology agents approved since 2013. This dashboard can be used for insights into the utilization of expedited programs and their impact on approval timelines.


Accelerated Approvals in Oncology (1992 – Present)

Explore oncology agents granted Accelerated Approval since 1992. This dashboard can be used to examine the status of Accelerated Approvals and their post-marketing requirements, and endpoints used as the basis for Accelerated and full approvals.


Postmarketing Requirements (PMR) and Commitments (PMC) for Novel Oncology Therapies

Explore postmarketing requirements (PMR) and commitments (PMC) for novel oncology drugs approved over the last decade (2012-2023). This dashboard can be used to evaluate the types of data requested in the postmarketing setting and gain insights on PMR/C trends across different approval years, drug classes, indications, and more.