Patients and Advocates

Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) powers advances in science and policy that speed life-saving treatments to patients. Furthermore, we strive to power these advances with those impacted as an integral part of the process. Friends involves and works with advocates in the following ways: (PFP) is an online advocacy education program and community working to help patients, advocates, and caregivers acquire the necessary tools to effectively communicate with drug researchers, drug developers, and regulators. Friends created a self-guided course providing  the necessary tools to effective communication for more than 800 patients, advocates, and caregivers to date, with more than 50% of course takers going on to add their voice to participate at different points in the drug development process. Learn more about PFP and take the course today.

Project TEACH

Project TEACH empowers Black women through education and outreach to participate in and effectively engage with researchers and clinicians. Together with Stand Up to Cancer and the Black Women’s Health Imperative, Friends created a self-guided course for Black women across the country to learn more about their health, how to empower themselves and future generations, and become a certified Empowered Patient Partner (EPP).  Learn more about Project TEACH and take the course today.

Friends’ Advisory Advocates

Friends’ Advisory Advocates provide the patient perspective to Friends’ projects and messaging and create a forum for sharing the needs of the patient community as it relates to cancer research, oncology drug development, and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory affairs. Advisory Advocates attend quarterly meetings to learn about updates on Friends’ projects, discuss upcoming events, and share community needs. They also volunteer to serve as project members on Friends’ projects and may be included as panelists at Friends’ meetings. Learn more about our Advisory Advocates.