About Friends

Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) is working to accelerate policy change, support groundbreaking science, and deliver new therapies to patients quickly and safely. Once we set a goal, we talk, we listen, we advocate, and we leave no stone unturned for patients. That’s how breakthroughs transpire. That’s how better policies happen. That’s how patients get what they need.

We Know Who We Work For

We unite scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and policy makers with shared trust and guide them toward meaningful cooperation. We work for patients, families, and anyone impacted by cancer. That’s what Friends does.

The Friends Mission

Friends drives collaboration among partners from every healthcare sector to power advances in science, policy, and regulation that speed life-saving treatments to patients.

Our Vision

Founded in 1996, by Ellen Sigal and Marlene Malek to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the National Cancer Act, Friends is committed to creating and implementing policies ensuring patients receive the best treatments in the fastest and safest way possible. Through multi-stakeholder collaboration, we convene the right people at the right time to put forth revolutionary yet realistic ideas.