Research Partnerships

ctMoniTR Project

ctDNA is genetic material from cancer cells naturally found in the bloodstream. ctDNA to Monitor Treatment Response (ctMoniTR) is a first of its kind partnership to answer the question: Do changes in ctDNA reflect response to treatment?
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Digital PATH Project

The Digital and Computational Pathology Project develops proposals to support robust development of digital and computational pathology platforms to support use in oncology drug development and seeks to assess alignment in biomarker measurements across platform developers.
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HRD Harmonization Project

The Homologous Recombination Deficiency (HRD) Harmonization Project will support future use of assays that measure HRD for treatment decision making by examining sources of variability across tests and identifying opportunities for alignment.
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Real-World Evidence Portfolio

The Friends of Cancer Research Real-World Evidence portfolio develops and establishes methodology for using RWD to demonstrate benefit to patients.
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Policy & Regulatory Initiatives

Cell & Gene Therapies

Advancements in cancer immunology and recent clinical experience with emerging cellular therapeutics have the potential to rapidly change cancer treatment and represents a new treatment paradigm.
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Lung-MAP is a first-of-its-kind clinical trial model that uses a multi-drug, targeted screening approach to match patients with sub-studies testing investigational new treatments based on their unique tumor profiles.
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Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria

The American Society of Clinical Oncology and Friends of Cancer Research jointly issued new recommendations to further efforts to broaden eligibility criteria in cancer clinical trials with the goal of making clinical trials more accessible to patients.
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Tolerability & Dosing

Friends of Cancer Research has convened a multi-stakeholder working group to develop a working definition of tolerability that better encompasses patient experience.
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Drug Development Dashboards

Friends has created a series of interactive dashboards as a tool to gain data driven insights into the landscape of oncology drug development and FDA drug approvals.
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Breakthrough Therapies

Working with our partners in all sectors, Friends took ‘Breakthrough’ from concept, to scientific whitepaper, to bipartisan legislative solution, to a tool in full use by FDA to expedite the approval of multiple drugs in 13 months.

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