Policy on Corporate Partnerships

Friends of Cancer Research Policy on Corporate, Foundation, and not-for-profit Relationships

Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) considers first and foremost its mission of finding  solutions for the most pressing issues facing cancer research and bettering patients lives in all decisions, including whether to enter into a relationship with a foundation, for profit, or not-for-profit entity. In many cases, activities that fulfill Friends mission cannot be accomplished as well alone as they can through collaboration and alliances among like-minded organizations. It is for this reason that Friends of Cancer Research seeks to forge appropriate and productive collaborative relationships with corporations, foundations and other not-for-profit organizations. These relationships are entered into thoughtfully, with careful consideration given to possible unintended effects, especially regarding the organization’s relationship with the public. This policy is designed to:
  • Enable the public to better understand the purpose of corporate, foundation, and not-for-profit relationships and appreciate the diligence that is exercised to ensure that the public’s trust and faith are not violated by these relationships.
  • Inform corporations, foundations and other not-for-profit organizations of the standards and practices under which Friends of Cancer Research will consider collaborating and forming relationships.

Criteria for Inclusion

Corporate, foundation, and not-for-profit partners must demonstrate a commitment to:
  • Ethical business practices
  • Safe products and/or services
  • Customer service and satisfaction
  • Employee health and well-being
  • Community service
  • Existing communication channels that reach key audiences
  • A favorable image among key audiences
  • A history of creating long-term partnerships with nonprofit organizations or an interest in doing so.

Criteria for Exclusion

Friends will not engage in corporate, foundation, and not-for-profit relationships with the following:
  • Tobacco companies and their subsidiaries.
  • Corporations, foundations, and not-for-profits providing products or services that could be perceived as dangerous, unhealthy, or environmentally unsafe
  • Corporations, foundations, and not-for-profits with an unhealthy public positioning, and/or unfavorable reputation in the marketplace

Evaluation Criteria

Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) will use the following criteria for evaluating corporate, foundation, and not-for-profit relationships:
  • Independence: Friends of Cancer Research will exercise independent judgment in all its decision making related to any relationship.
  • Targeted Funding: We do not accept targeted funding of any kind for policy-related projects.
  • Mission-related benefit: The relationship must provide a meaningful mission-related benefit to cancer research, treatment or education.
  • Consistency: The relationship must be consistent with the Friends principles, public positions, policies, and standards.
  • Adherence: The relationship must adhere to all applicable state and local laws and regulations.
  • Endorsements: Friends of Cancer Research will not endorse products or services for the general public.
  • Balance: Friends will evaluate, on an annual basis, the total amount of corporate support received as a percentage of total revenue.


Friends of Cancer Research will, unless otherwise prohibited by law, disclose the financial support it receives from those corporations identified on Schedule B of the Form 990.