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Senator Obama Releases Cancer Plan

Senator Obama Releases Cancer Plan

U.S. Senator John Kerry and Jill Biden Announce Obama’s Plan to Fight Cancer

CHICAGO, IL – Today, the Obama Campaign will unveil Senator Obama’s plan to help fight cancer. U.S. Senator John Kerry, Jill Biden and Obama Campaign Domestic Policy Director Neera Tanden will introduce Senator Obama’s plan during a conference call at noon eastern.

In addition, tonight, during the Stand Up To Cancer Telethon, a short video will be shown in which Senator Obama will highlight three actions he will take as president to help fight cancer.

Nearly 1.5 million Americans are expected to be diagnosed with cancer this year, joining over 10 million Americans who have experienced cancer in their lifetime.Fighting cancer cost families and businesses $78 billion in medical costs last year, and the overall cost of cancer to our economy was estimated to be over $200 billion.[i] Senator Obama understands firsthand the toll cancer takes on families – his mother died from ovarian cancer in her early 50s and his grandfather battled prostate cancer. Obama has spent his career fighting to improve prevention and treatment of cancer. As an Illinois State Senator, Obama passed laws to mandate insurance coverage of colorectal cancer examinations, ensure Medicaid coverage for treatment of breast and cervical cancers, promote early detection of prostate and testicular cancers, and helped create the Illinois Task Force on Cervical Cancer Elimination. As United States Senator, he has fought for increased funding for cancer research, and championed genomics and personalized medicine to identify new and better treatments for cancer and other diseases. As president, Barack Obama will build upon his career-long efforts and launch a new campaign to combat cancer and provide greater lifetime support to cancer survivors and their families.

Senator Obama’s plan to fight cancer is available HERE