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Senator McCain Releases Cancer Plan

Senator McCain Releases Cancer Plan


ARLINGTON, VA — U.S. Senator John McCain today released the following statement on the networks’ prime-time special event, “Stand Up to Cancer,” which will air tonight. The campaign also released information on how John McCain will support the efforts to win the fight against cancer through a comprehensive, public-private strategy. John McCain will outline his plans in a video that will be shown during the prime-time special.

“I applaud ABC, CBS and NBC coming together tonight to air an unprecedented one-hour program titled ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ which will bring prominent individuals from the worlds of TV, film, music, sports, science and journalism with the singular goal of raising awareness and funds to win the fight against cancer,” Senator McCain said.

“Despite achieving many life-saving advances, the war against cancer is an ongoing struggle that continues every day. Nearly 1,500 Americans die every day from this devastating disease. The doctors and researchers engaged in the heroic battle to win this fight are counting on a sustained national commitment to find new treatments and cures.

“As President, I will lead the effort for stronger and more coordinated public and private research efforts. I have worked in the past to double NIH funding, and will also work for greater focus on healthy living, early detection, and ensuring access to quality and affordable care for all Americans, especially those who are denied coverage because of a devastating disease like cancer. This is a fight we must and will win as a nation.”

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