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Regulatory Science White Paper Released

Regulatory Science White Paper Released

FDA Commissioner Releases Regulatory Science White Paper

Today, at a “newsmakers” luncheon at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), released a White Paper on advancing regulatory science. The paper discusses the role of the FDA, working with partners, to strengthen the field, both within the agency and throughout the Nation, and details how advances in regulatory science can speed progress in FDA’s high-priority public health areas. Including:

     – Accelerating Delivery of New Treatments to Patients
     – Improving Pediatric and Child Health
     – Protecting Against Emerging Infectious Diseases and Terrorism
     – Enhancing Safety and Health Through Informatics
     – Protecting the Food Supply
     – Modernizing Safety Testing
     – Meeting the Challenges for Regulating Tobacco

Friends of Cancer Research applauds Dr. Hamburg and the FDA for continuing to push for this important initiative aimed at enhancing the scientific capacity of the agency to enable them to develop, assess and provide new, validated tools and approaches to better evaluate the utility of new medical products.


For a PDF version of the White Paper, entitled Advancing Regulatory Science for Public Health: A Framework for FDA’s Regulatory Science Initiative please click below.

“Today, FDA is relying on 20th century regulatory science to evaluate 21st century medical products.
Regulatory science is needed to provide better tools, standards, and pathways to evaluate
products under development. It also serves to create efficiencies in the development process, and
improve product safety, quality, and manufacturing. The Advancing Regulatory Science initiative
represents the first comprehensive effort to modernize regulatory science at FDA.”
– Dr. Margaret Hamburg, FDA Commissioner