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New Friends of Cancer Research Manuscript Furthers Work in Aligning Disparate Real-World Data in Oncology

New Friends of Cancer Research Manuscript Furthers Work in Aligning Disparate Real-World Data in Oncology

A new manuscript by Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) published today in JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics, details a framework to align electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) data capture across ePRO tools to assess the value of ePROs for improving patient outcomes. This work can help expedite efforts to generate robust real-world data (RWD).

PROs are a critical mechanism for understanding, monitoring, and managing a patient’s treatment-related adverse events (AEs), gathered from the patients themselves. Further, ePROs allow patients to report their treatment-related symptoms via computer or smartphone applications in real-time. To robustly analyze the impact of ePRO data collection on patient outcomes in the real-world setting, it is critical to harmonize across ePRO data sources.

“As digital technologies designed to collect data from patients about their treatment experience continue to expand, it is important to align on key metrics to evaluate how these tools affect patient outcomes,” said Dr. Jeff Allen, President & CEO of Friends of Cancer Research. “This collaborative effort to establish a common framework for data harmonization across different data sources can help to generate valuable RWE able to inform oncology drug development and patient care.”

This work is part of our larger real-world evidence (RWE) portfolio working collaboratively towards solutions for robust RWD/RWE generation to overcome the challenges of harmonization across heterogenous data sources. Friends continues to work with a consortium of stakeholders from key healthcare sectors including industry, government, academia, and patient groups on harmonization efforts and identify opportunities where RWE can inform oncology drug development and patient care. Join us in September for our meeting to discuss opportunities for use of RWD in oncology drug development.


Manuscript Authors

Apricity Health, Carevive Systems, Inc., Clinical Outcome Solutions, Invitae, Navigating Cancer, Varian- A Siemens Healthineers Company


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