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Friends Statement on Appointment of Dr. Varmus

Friends Statement on Appointment of Dr. Varmus


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WASHINGTON, DC, May 17, 2010- Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) congratulates Dr. Harold Varmus on his appointment as Director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). 
“As world renowned clinical investigator and Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Varmus will bring exceptional experience in clinical research, clinical practice, and patient care to the NCI,” Friends Chair & Founder, Dr. Ellen Sigal said of the announcement.  
Dr. Sigal continued, “Having lead one of the premier research institutions in the world, Dr. Varmus has proven his exceptional leadership capacity. I am confident that he will continue to make sound, scientifically-based decisions, that will benefit the entire cancer research community and ultimately benefit patients battling cancer.”
Dr. Harold Varmus most recently served as President and CEO of the highly prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Prior to that, Dr. Varmus served as the Director of the National Institutes of Health and was co-recipient of a Nobel Prize for studies of the genetic basis of cancer. Dr. Varmus spent much of his academic career at the University of California- San Francisco before becoming Director of the NIH.
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