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Friends of Cancer Research Commends the National Cancer Institute’s National Cancer Plan

Friends of Cancer Research Commends the National Cancer Institute’s National Cancer Plan

Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) commends the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and their Director Dr. Monica Bertagnolli, for the recently announced National Cancer Plan. This critical and innovative plan provides a framework for collaboration and partnership across agencies seeking to improve the lives of millions of cancer patients and families. 

“Dr. Bertagnolli and the Biden administration have set a bold new vision to end cancer as we know it,” said FriendsChair & Founder, Ellen Sigal. “This National Cancer Plan is a critical and actionable step towards improving patient outcomes.”

As outlined in the National Cancer Plan, it’s estimated that over half of all cancers could be preventable by effectively applying the research knowledge that we have now.

The three core elements of the National Cancer Plan are the following: 

  • Establish goals that we must achieve to prevent cancer, reduce mortality from cancer, and maximize quality of life for people living with cancer.    
  • Describe essential research directions and implementation activities necessary to maximize benefits for everyone.  
  • Empower everyone in our society, every organization and individual, to do their part to end suffering from cancer.

    The NCI plays a critical role supporting research in new cancer prevention and treatment, including studies to understand the causes of cancer, characterize the biology of precancerous lesions, and identify and test new prevention approaches.

Friends looks forward to continuing driving progress for patients and supporting the NCI in bringing these essential priorities outlined to fruition. 


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