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Dr. Francis Collins Confirmed as NIH Director

Dr. Francis Collins Confirmed as NIH Director

 Dr. Francis Collins 

The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee on Tuesday approved the nomination of Dr. Francis Collins, President Obama’s nominee for NIH Director, the nomination was sent to the Senate floor earlier today and approved by unanimous consent.  

Friends of Cancer Research would like to congratulate Dr. Francis Collins on his confirmation. The United States is at a pivotal moment in biomedical research and innovation, and the leadership that Dr. Collins will bring to the NIH is paramount to advance the science that will better patient’s lives.
Dr. Collins has proven to have the integrity and skill to work with Congress on pressing issues, and has shown to be an outstanding leader, manager, and exceptional communicator while serving at the NIH.
While serving as Director of the NIH’s National Human Genome Research Institute, Dr. Collin’s has shown incredible leadership and vision while overseeing the Human Genome Project, and has stimulated the field of genomics and personalize medicine. Dr. Collins’s talent to interpret the science of the human genome into medicine will bring an important vision to the future challenges that NIH faces. 
Friends of Cancer Research looks forward to  working with Dr. Collins to ensure that our country continues its leadership in scientific research and innovation across the world, bringing hope to patients and their families battling this horrible disease.

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