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A Note From Ellen Sigal and Marlene Malek

A Note From Ellen Sigal and Marlene Malek


A Note from Ellen Sigal and Marlene Malek

These are trying times for our country, but amidst economic turmoil, funding for life-saving research cannot be overlooked.

President-elect Obama will have to make some very important appointments over the next months. Many of these appointments will directly impact research, innovation and treatment of cancer. Of these many critical appointments a significant decision for the new administration will be who will lead the NIH, NCI and FDA.

It is important that those chosen to lead these agencies understand the critical need to have well funded and expertly staffed NIH, NCI and FDA, and that it directly impacts patients lives.

It is vital that the next FDA commissioner exhibit a strong understanding of science, clinical research, industry and public health. He or she needs to balance the policy makers demand for safety while assuring that the pipeline continues to produce life-saving treatments and therapies. He or she needs to be someone who can assure the public of safety without handicapping the drive to bring new medicines to fruition.

The new commissioner needs to have the integrity and skill to work with Congress. Whoever is selected for this challenging position needs to be an outstanding leader, an incredible visionary and exceptional communicator.

We eagerly await President-elect Obama’s appointments to NIH, NCI and FDA, and look forward to working with them to ensure that our country continues its leadership in scientific research and innovation across the world, bringing hope to patients and their families battling this horrible disease.


Ellen V. Sigal Marlene A. Malek

Chair and Founder President