Friends-Alexandria Blueprint Forum

For several years, Friends of Cancer Research and Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. have been bringing together researchers, sponsors, advocates, and regulators to discuss the development of diagnostics for targeted therapies. This subject has significant implications for the development and use of precision medicines, many of which target narrow patient populations that can only be identified with diagnostic tests. As regulators and drug developers work to improve the speed at which promising new therapies reach patients, it has become more important than ever that diagnostic tests be developed and evaluated efficiently.

2019 – A Blueprint for Breakthrough: Validating Real-World Endpoints for an Evolving Regulatory Landscape

2018 – A Blueprint for Breakthrough: Research and Reimbursement in the Age of Precision Medicine

2017 – A Blueprint for Breakthrough: Charting the Course for Precision Medicine

2016 – A Blueprint for Breakthrough: Exploring the Utility of Real World Evidence

2015 – A Blueprint for Drug/Diagnostic Development: Standardization of Genetic Databases

2014 – A Blueprint for Drug/Diagnostic Development: Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

2013 – A Blueprint for Drug/Diagnostic Co-Development: Breakthrough Therapies

2012 – Forum and Blueprint for Future Drug/Diagnostic Co-Development