About ProgressForPatients.org

ProgressForPatients.org Advocacy Education

Engaging, Educating, and Empowering Patients

Through ProgressForPatients.org, Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) is offering an online education program to help patients, advocates, and caregivers acquire the necessary tools to effectively communicate with drug researchers, developers, and regulators enabling them to make the connections necessary to engage with all sectors that need to be better guided by patient input.

Looking to get involved, take the course, and make your voice heard? Here’s what you’ll be learning:

  • Understanding of the drug development and regulatory process, as well as the requirements and guidelines associated with drug approvals
  • Comprehension of key terminology frequently used in product development and regulation
  • Gaining a baseline knowledge of clinical trial design, statistical reporting of trial results, and regulatory pathways for drug approval
  • Increased awareness of opportunities for patient engagement with institutions and organizations such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Friends of Cancer Research, advocacy groups, and industry partners, including how to make your voice heard

ProgressForPatients.org has educated patient advocates who are now actively involved in advocacy opportunities, including at the Friends Annual Meeting!

For more information, and to get sign up for the Advocacy Education program, head to ProgressForPatients.org today!