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My Story: Jeff Allen

My Story: Jeff Allen

In the second installment of the “My Story” series, Friends President & CEO, Jeff Allen, PhD, recounts his personal experience with cancer from a young age when his grandfather was sick with the disease and why he is motivated for working in this field. With a background in cancer research focused upon molecular changes associated with cancer formation, as well as treatments to prevent cancer progression, Jeff brings a knowledgeable and interesting perspective to the work accomplished by Friends.

I hope that in the context of my lifetime that “cure” is a word that is used more regularly than it has in the past.

For the last 10-plus years, Jeff has been a driving force in the growth and success of the organization. He leads the strategic development and implementation of Friends’ scientific, policy, research, and legislative initiatives, as well as oversees Board governance and organizational operations. Under his leadership, Friends has evolved into a nimble, forward-thinking policy, public affairs, and research organization.


To watch Jeff’s story, click on the video below.



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