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Ellen Sigal Talks About Collaboration in Lung-MAP

Ellen Sigal Talks About Collaboration in Lung-MAP

As part of Pfizer’s ongoing “Pfizer Partnerships” video series, Friends of Cancer Research Founder and Chairperson Ellen Sigal discussed the structure and promise of the Lung-MAP clinical trial. “Lung-MAP is about collaboration of all sectors working towards a common goal, and that’s to help patients with squamous cell lung cancer,” said Dr. Sigal. “It’s about working together on a way to find faster, better answers.”

We applaud the increasing recognition by drug developers, researchers, and advocates that collaboration is essential to improving outcomes for patients. Projects like Pfizer Partnerships remind us that we’re all working toward the same goals, and shared resources and expertise can only accelerate our progress. You can find more information about Lung-MAP here and at

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