Statement from Friends of Cancer Research on the VALID Act

March 06, 2020

Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) would like to thank Senators Burr and Bennet and Representatives DeGette and Bucshon for their commitment to patients through the introduction of the Verifying Accurate, Leading‑edge IVCT Development (VALID) Act. By continuing to advance this legislation, which would enable uniform oversight of diagnostics, these members have set a path toward making sure patients and physicians have timely access to the most accurate tests to inform care. Burr, Bennett, DeGette, and Bucshon continue to craft this important legislation in an open, transparent, and inclusive way. We appreciate this and look forward to continuing to work toward a final bill.

We are pleased with the direction of many of the provisions included in this draft of VALID, importantly:

  • The creation of a technology certification program that supports innovation in test development, performance, and safety. 
  • The establishment of an expedited pathway for novel tests used in the diagnosis or treatment of serious conditions.
  • Clarifying FDA’s ability to set standards, which over time would allow the agency to ensure diagnostic tests keep pace with technology.