HRD Harmonization Project

Given the improved outcomes associated with patients whose tumors display characteristics of HRD, it is vital to understand what should be measured, how to achieve alignment on how HRD is measured, and its performance as a biomarker for treatment efficacy.

HRD Harmonization Project Timeline

The HRD Harmonization Project will be broken down into three phases. Phase 1 is currently underway and consists of a landscape analysis on the current practices in the field regarding HRD. Phase 2 and 3 of the project will aim to characterize HRD assays and propose harmonized approaches for generating meaningful clinical evidence.

By the end of phase 1, the consortium aims to have agreement on the definition of HRD and the parameters that contribute to the determination of HRD status (HRD-positive/negative). Additionally, the consortium will create recommendations and best practices to benefit the entire cancer community. 

Results from Phase 1 of the HRD Harmonization Project are slated to be released in the first quarter of 2021.

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HRD Harmonization Project Working Group Members

Abbvie, ACT Genomics, Ambry Genetics, AstraZeneca, Arizona State University, Bristol Myers Squibb, Caris Life Sciences, EMD Serono, Foundation Medicine, GlaxoSmithKline, Guardant Health, Janssen, Merck, Myriad, the National Cancer Institute, Novartis, Pfizer, Resolution Biosciences, Tempus, Thermo Fisher, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Heidelberg, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.