Drug Development Dashboard

Introduction & Methodology

Using publicly available data from review documents on  Drugs@FDA  and  information listed  in FDA’s public database on post-market requirements (PMRs) we  created this dashboard to show how four expedited programs impact the time it takes for a drug or biologic to be approved.  

The first dashboard displays data on  original therapeutic agents approved for use in oncology  since January 2013. Supplemental approvals and supportive agents were excluded.  Please note the reviews for some drugs/biologics approved  since  January 2013  were not yet available online. These approvals  were excluded from the dashboard and will be added as their review documents become available. 

The new feature on  the  dashboard highlights data on original and supplemental Accelerated Approvals in oncology between 1992 and 2021. The dashboard can be used to gain insights on the status of Accelerated Approvals, progress made on fulfilling post-market requirements and commitments under Accelerated Approval, as well as details on the endpoints serving as the basis for granting these approvals.  

Dashboard Functionality

  • Navigate between the two dashboards by clicking the description boxes at the top of the window. 

  • Reset the dashboard to show all approvals by clicking the “|<-“ on the bottom of the window. 

  • Mouse over the figures on the dashboard for additional details about each approval.  

  • Text and figures on the dashboard can be clicked to change the which approvals are shown. (E.g. click “Response Rate” in the endpoints table to filter all figures on the dashboard to display only those approvals granted Accelerated Approval based on response rate). Click again to reset the filter to show all approvals.  

This dashboard was last updated  April 2021 and will be updated on a quarterly basis. You are welcome to submit feedback to info@focr.org.